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DIJA Certified Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement 3-Pack, Fits Wamery and Brita Pitcher

DIJA Certified Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement 3-Pack, Fits Wamery and Brita Pitcher

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💧 INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: filters sink and tap water from kitchen faucet into purified and drinking filtered water in seconds. Improves pure water taste and increases pH level. Meet the ONLY NSF / ANSI certified filter on Amazon. An alkaline water system designed to improve family’s lifestyle and an easy weight loss method.
💧 VITALITY: A balanced pH diet optimizes your Digestive, Circulatory, Immune, Respiratory, Nervous, Excretory, Muscular and Reproductive System. This alkaline, ionizing filter works as water softener dispenser to get purified, distilled and ionized water from your jug. Offers a gravity whirlpool system to remove chlorine and other contaminants.
💧 CERTIFIED FILTER: Features a 4 stage alkalizer system with NSF to reduce heavy or hard metals, chlorine, lead and arsenic. Activated Charcoal Carbon to improve water taste. Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend which is the secret to increase the PH, reducing the ORP and finally a micro mesh filter to get the clearest and healthiest output that a fast filter can provide.
💧 LONG LASTING: tested to last 42 gallons if you fill the standard water jar 3 times a day, everyday. Forget about water bottle or bottled cup water in your refrigerator. This fast distiller works also as a portable reverse osmosis filter, an advanced purification process to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from tap water.
💧 COMMITMENT: Our lab developed a NSF/ANSI certified water filtering system for your water jug to avoid the consuming of 930 plastic bottles per purifying filter. With your order you are helping NGOs to preserve natural resources for your children. 100% money back guarantee, try us now!
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"I love the taste of this filtered water. The size fits perfectly in my fridge. Easy to add more water to be filtered. I wanted the pH balance and minerals left in the water so it is beneficial to me. Will purchase more filters when the time comes."

- Donna Honigfort -

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Cost-saving equivalent to buying 40 gals of bottled water in two months.

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5 Stage Advanced Filtration

The filtration that removes chlorine, odors, heavy metals, and more.

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Drinking Alkaline is Healthier

Improving hydration, energy and immune system.

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