About Us

Our Story


    To blend creativity and quality when manufacturing a product sometimes seems like a compromise of one for the sake of the other. But Victory International Group achieved that magic and is continually building on its legacy with satisfied customers all over the world and affordable prices.

     Victory International Group is a multinational manufacturing company that started its journey in 1978 and over the past 50 years has built an incredibly diverse portfolio of international operations, setting the highest standards in the industry for product design and innovation.

     The USA corporate office has opened its doors in 2000 in Sandy, Utah with CEO at its helm, who works every day to improve the lives of everyone around him. And after a while the office was moved to Los Angeles California in order to better facilitate and serve the manufacturing and importing needs of all our customers.  

     Victory International Group has branches in seven major states including California, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, and is present internationally in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China. The Group has a wide variety of business activities spread across many fields like manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, consumer products, among others.  With products being sold worldwide in over 50 countries, and with over 4 decades of manufacturing experience we have become highly productive and efficient when it comes meeting our clients’ needs with high quality, innovative products and the most welcoming and helping customer service.



Accellorize is a brand that focuses on Consumer Electronics, such as mobile, audio and many other electronic accessories. We offer only the highest quality products and we always strive to see everyone happy and satisfied with the products they use every day.



Parties are some of the most cherishes moments in one’s life. No matter if it’s just a weekend event, or a carefully organized one like a wedding or birthday, we believe that every party is special and important for one’s life. So, our brand Parteez was born to make sure that every party has everything it needs to become the best party ever, such as birthday kits, drinking games and many more.



Home is the place where we feel the safest and the most comfortable. And the more a house has our fingerprints spread all over, through the things we chose to have inside and the decorations, the more it feels like a real home. Luxusoft is offering you the choices to make your home yours with bedding and other related products that will make your time spend inside comfortable, relaxing and something to look forward to every day you’re out.



Dija is our brand that focuses on your wellness and health. We want to make everyone feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, and embrace their unique and radiating beauty. Our health and beauty products are made to serve as an expression to one’s beauty and help you regain your health and wellbeing.



Adventures are everywhere around us, waiting to be discovered and to become memories we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. But to explore and experience everything we need the right equipment and gear. That’s where Couture comes in, as we offer you high-quality, stylish and reliable outdoor equipment and sport products that you will enjoy taking with you in your next adventures.



Our Mission

We continually work to improve our products and come up with new ones, in order to offer you the highest quality and the most innovative options on the market.


Our Vision

Our work culture and business practices combine the East with the West, taking only the best from each, with the goal to sell our high-quality products globally.


Our Values

Sourcing Capabilities

Our sourcing abilities are one of the pillars of our business, as they ensure a secure and fast supply chain due to our many options located in China.


Affordable Prices

Due to our efficient business operations, we are able to offer you the possibility to enjoy the things you want without spending a fortune.


Consistent Quality

Our high-quality products is something we are well-known for, and we plan on preserving this legacy by continuing to offer you only the best you can find on the market.